Hydzik family - Perth, Western Australia

A Hydzik family reflection

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Hydzik family arival in Perth 1963

Later today, the Polish Hydzik family will be completely reunited at Northam after a 22-year separation. There was a joyous reunion on the wharf at Fremantle soon after 8 a.m. when the liner Neptunia arrived from Europe with the last member, Joseph Hydzik (39), who is pictured with his mother Mrs Maria Hydzik. Hydzik last saw his relatives when the family was split up in the World War. His father was killed in a bombing raid on Germany and his wife, three sons and a daughter migrated to WA in 1950. Mrs Hydzik wept with joy when her son embraced her on the wharf. Also there to meet him were brothers Stanislaw, Roman, and Boris and sister Janina.

Daily News August 1963

But before all that...

Veronica and Joseph Hydzik on their wedding day 8th June 1948 in Kostarowce, Poland.

Hydzik marriage in Poland

Hydzik family arrive at Fremantle  1963Arrival at Fremantle wharf 30th August 1963. From left to right: Roman Hedzik, John Hydzik, Maria Hedzik, Veronica Hydzik, Danuta Hydzik, Maria Hedzik, Mary Matejcio, Teresa Matejcio (girl), Janina Matejcio, Peter Matejcio (boy) and Jozef Matejcio.

Hydzik family Kings Park, date unknown
For left to right: Danuta, Veronica, John and Joseph Hydzik. Date unkown.

Hydzik family in Perth 1988In Perth 6th November 1988, From left to right: Borris Hedzik, Roman Hedzik, Janina Matejcio, Stan Hedzik and Joseph Hydzik.

Latest Hydzik family addition
Latest Hydzik family addition. From left to right: Simon Hydzik, John Hydzik, Cheryl Hydzik, Nicole Hydzik (girl) and Travis Hydzik.

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